New York, United States


City/Town : Latitude: 40.7127837, Longitude: -74.00594130000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bertha Mae  1875New York, United States I8569
2 May E  1894New York, United States I4152
3 Cornell, Walter L  1876New York, United States I2430
4 Dalgleish, Bella  1878New York, United States I4149
5 Dalgleish, David A  16 Jan 1930New York, United States I8493
6 Dalgleish, George Grant  1 Oct 1868New York, United States I2222
7 Dalgleish, Kenneth J  22 Mar 1929New York, United States I4153
8 Dalgliesh, Isabelle Cooper  1896New York, United States I5714
9 Dalglish, Arleen R  13 Mar 1889New York, United States I2229
10 Dalglish, Arthur Clark  11 Sep 1926New York, United States I7287
11 Dalglish, Cornelius Cleveland  26 Feb 1893New York, United States I3831
12 Dalglish, David  1893New York, United States I7218
13 Dalglish, Edward James  8 Feb 1914New York, United States I3827
14 Dalglish, Ellen  1895New York, United States I7220
15 Dalglish, George Arthur  21 Sep 1886New York, United States I2228
16 Dalglish, Jean  1896New York, United States I7219
17 Dalglish, Jennie  1891New York, United States I3830
18 Dalglish, John M  28 Aug 1901New York, United States I3832
19 Dalglish, Lilian  29 Oct 1902New York, United States I5003
20 Dalglish, Preston Halstead  28 Dec 1917New York, United States I4141
21 Dalglish, Walter Maxwell  24 Feb 1899New York, United States I12323
22 Knackstedt, Harry  1884New York, United States I7210
23 Krieg, Emma Hermina  20 Sep 1895New York, United States I3826
24 Van Duzer, Sarah Elizabeth  7 May 1855New York, United States I5713
25 Weishaar, Jefferson  10 Jul 1893New York, United States I7221
26 Weishaar, Jefferson  1918New York, United States I7222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dalgleish, George Grant  8 Sep 1884New York, United States I2222
2 Dalgleish, John  26 Jun 1946New York, United States I2218
3 Dalglish, Cornelius Cleveland  Aug 1955New York, United States I3831


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Dalgleish, John  2 Mar 1908New York, United States I7730
2 Dalgleish, William Jardine  9 May 1905New York, United States I4525
3 Dalgliesh, Richard Storey  5 Mar 1929New York, United States I8975
4 Dalgliesh, Walter  24 Jun 1906New York, United States I6038
5 Dalglish, Alexander  7 Dec 1926New York, United States I2723
6 Dalglish, Alexandra M  24 Sep 1928New York, United States I5013
7 Dalglish, Emerald Dorothy  24 Sep 1928New York, United States I5015
8 Little, Simon Dalgleish  22 Mar 1901New York, United States I12255
9 Nelson, Mary Josephine  24 Sep 1928New York, United States I5012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Dalgleish, Percival Rene  11 Jul 1905New York, United States I7233
2 Dalglish, Alexander  11 Feb 1935New York, United States I2723