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151 appears as Thomas Dalgleish in 1881 Scotland census McGuinness, Thomas (I8618)
152 Appears in 1939 Register as Henrietta Clark, Skegness, with Hilda Dalgleish (sister) Dalgliesh, Henrietta Phyllis (I3979)
153 April 22, 1899 at All Saints, Blackheath. James Francis Kendrew of 1 Rangoon street, London, E C, eldest son of John A Kendrew, of Reepham, Norfolk, to Mary, only daughter of William H Dalgliesh, of 11 Vanbrugh park road east, Blackheath Family F2323
154 arrival Detroit Michigan 30 Apr 1923 Dalgleish, John (I1241)
155 Arthur was 6th and last child of Thomas and Mary Jane, born at home at 7 Colliers Row, Rhymney, Sub-District of Tredegar, Registration District of Bedwellty, County of Monmouthshire, Wales. His birth was registered on the 14th of Jun 1888.

Orphaned at age of approx. 6 months, Arthur was shuttled from foster home to foster home. At one point, he was "adopted" by a family named Evans, and given the name "Ted". Arthur at times stated he wished he had kept this name. One family he lived with were spiritualists. He remembered furniture moving and rattling around. This family was mean to him. One day the mother became so angry with Arthur, she threw a butcher knife at him, the blade stuck in the back of his head, wounding him slightly. On other occasions, they would buy him a new suit to wear to church on Sunday, then hock it the next day at the local pawn shop.

At a young age, Arthur had to work in the local coal mines. The men nicknamed him "Shorty", for he was only about 5'4", with a stocky, muscular build. Working in the coal mines was always dangerous. One time, Arthur was waiting with the 2nd group of men to descend into the mine, when the elevator cables snapped, plunging its first load of workers to their deaths.

Arthur emigrated to the United States in 1911, arriving in New York, processed through Ellis Island. He arrived in California soon after to work for his older brother Archie in Mentone.
Arthur worked 2 years as bricklayer and carpenter. There are still to this day, rock walls remaining in Mentone, built by the brothers.

In 1913, Arthur decided to further his eduction, and become a US citizen. He enrolled at San Fernando Valley Academy, graduating in 1916, at the age of 28. He met his future bride also enrolled at the Academy. Ida Matilde Antonie Luley attended S.F. Academy for only 1 year (1913-1914), but dropped out to work as a hairdresser in the area. They were "casual" friends during that year. Several years after "Tonie" left the Academy, she became concerned about Arthur's welfare and wrote him, asking if he was well. He wrote back replying that everything was fine, and asked if he could visit her, to which she agreed. They were married 4 June 1917, in San Bernardino, CA., by a Minister of the Gospel, Elder G.B. Starr at the home of Rollie Atkins on Tippecanoe Ave. (This house has since been torn down). It was located near Norton Air Force Base (which has been closed, but is used as a regular airport now in San Bndo.) 5 children were born to this union, all 5 grew to adulthood, married and had families of their own.

Arthur & Tonie lived in Mentone and Redlands for many years, Arthur building their home in Mentone from the plentiful field stones found there. He supported his family by bricklaying and carpentry. In the mid 1950's Arthur & Tonie removed to Reche Canyon until the mid 1960's. Arthur's health was failing, the decision was made to move to San Bernardino. There Arthur died of cancer in 1967. 
Dalgleish, Arthur (I2780)
156 Arthur Watson was a Widower at time of marriage to Elizabeth Watson, Arthur (I8147)
157 Ashes scattered in Crematorium gardens. Dalglish, Florence Rina (I5950)
158 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10484)
159 At 20 Hopetoun Place, on the 30th inst., by the Rev. George Macauley, of Old Kirkpatrick, Captain Walter Dalglish, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late Mr Alex. Third, of Glasgow. Family F1404
160 At 23 Hatton Place, Edinburgh, according to the Forms of the Free Church, Alison Scott Dalgleish (23), of 33 Wood St, Galashiels, and George Brown Logan (23), carting contractor, of 29 Church St, Galashiels. Family F2716
161 At 33 Wood Street, Galashiels, according to the Forms of the Free Church, Maggie Glendinning Dalgleish (22), of 33 Wood St., and William Flowers Bell (24), butcher (journeyman), of Cunningham House, Alloa. Family F2708
162 At Crookston, according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland, Annie Wyllie (27), domestic servant, and William Dalgleish (25), shepherd, both of Milkiston, Eddleston [parish of]. Family F2709
163 At Kilbirnie, Ayrshire on the 4th instant, in his twelth year, John, son of Mr. John Dalglish, Kilbirnie Cotton Works [Glasgow Herald Friday, January 8, 1858] Dalglish, John (I6448)
164 At Sheriff Court House, Edinburgh, by Declaration in presence of Archibald Fraser, solicitor, & James Thomson, plasterer, Walterina Dagleish (19), of 33 Wood St, Galashiels, and Wm Grant (27), gardener (domestic), of 14 Temple Park Crescent, Edinburgh. Family F2712
165 At St. John's, Chester, Henry T., son of the late Mr. G. Harrison, of Chester, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late J. Dalglish, of Aigburth, near Liverpool, 2nd inst. [The Pall Mall Gazette Friday, July 5, 1867] Family F2332
166 Attestation paper DALGLIESH Dalgleish, Otto Lionel (I7630)
167 Australia Cemetery Index shows burial date as 29 May 1904 Dalgliesh, Peter (I10910)
168 Automobile accident Parrish, Helen K (I2576)
169 Baptised as DAGLEISH Dalglish, David (I9755)
170 Baptised as DAGLISH Dalglish, John Henry (I9754)
171 Baptised as DAGLISH Dalglish, Florence Elizabeth (I9757)
172 Baptised as DAGLISH Dalglish, Harriet (I9758)
173 Baptism also listed 15 August 1843 Dunoon and Kilmun, Argyll - date of birth 15 July 1843 Jamieson, Elizabeth (I6318)
174 Baptism as Frances Tweedie Dalgleish Dalgleish, Margaret (I6026)
175 Baptism at House Dalgleish, Grace Merab (I1840)
176 Baptism regiser shows date of birth as 15 Jun 1878 Binns, Amelia (I8977)
177 Baptism Register shows Born Jany. 20 1875 Dalgliesh, Agnes (I1605)
178 Baptism register shows DALGLEISH Dalgiesh, Phyllis (I8978)
179 Baptism register shows parents as Ernest & Florence Dalglish, Sidney Frank (I645)
180 Baptism Register shows parents as Robert & Abbie Dalglish, Robert James (I2728)
181 Baptism registered as DALGLIESH Dalgleish, John (I2595)
182 Baptism registered as DALGLIESH Dalgleish, Robert (I2625)
183 Bertha possible re-married 1961 Herbert Hampson Salford 10f 806 Darbyshire, Bertha (I9033)
184 Biblical scholar Dalglish, Edward Russell (I7290)
185 Birtb shown as DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, Mary (I10950)
186 birth 1911 or 1912? Dalgliesh, Lawrence Henderson (I4042)
187 birth also shown as 14 Jan 1856 Dalgleish, Isabella Ann (I2588)
188 Birth and baptism shown as DALGLIESH Dalgleish, Margaret (I9455)
189 Birth and baptism shown as DALGLIESH Dalgleish, Adam (I10978)
190 Birth and baptism shows James DALGLIESH Dalgleish, James (I243)
191 Birth and census not found - details from marriage certificate Dalgleish, Thomas (I7590)
192 Birth as DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, James (I8078)
193 Birth as DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, William (I8079)
194 Birth as DALGLIESH Dalgleish, William (I1563)
195 Birth certificate shows "Illegiitimate" father Adam Nicholson (Woodman), mother Isabella Campbell (Domestic Servant). Marriage certificate shows father as Thomas Nicholson (Labourer), no name of mother shown. Nicholson, Sarah Harrison (I11528)
196 Birth certificate shows "Illegitimate" Dalgleish, Robert (I11502)
197 Birth certificate shows under parents: "Helen Dalgleish, wife of John Ferguson, who she declared is not the father of the child and further that she has had no personal intercourse with him since they ceased to live together two years ago." Dalgleish or Ferguson, John (I11493)
198 Birth recorded as DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, Ivy May (I8321)
199 Birth recorded as DALGLISH Dalgliesh, David (I151)
200 Birth recorded as DALGLISH Dalgliesh, Ann McHume (I4320)

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