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101 6 days old at time of burial Dalgleish, Caroline E (I2246)
102 7 other children Dalglish, Ellen Alexander (I5359)
103 8 children Dalgleish, Helen Handy (I1971)
104 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2049)
105 A graveside service will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 7, 1995, in Cliffside Cemetery in Sandy. Mr. Dalgliesh died March 4 at age 80.

He was born Feb. 24, 1915, in Keating. He was a mechanic for heavy equipment and small engines.

In 1938 he married Lita Epley, and they lived in Portland. He worked in the shipyards.

In 1954 he moved to Boring, where he farmed and worked as a mechanic.

He moved to Eagle Creek in 1976. He was forced to retire in 1978 from Dick's Logging for health reasons.

Surviving in addition to his wife are his daughters, Patsy Bergevin of Eagle Creek, Linda Kutnyak of Oregon City and Delores Ross of Portland; son, Kenneth of Dallas; nine grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

Published in The Oregonian, Mar 6, 1995. 
Dalgliesh, George Hugh (I3609)
106 Additioal child Helen died in infancy - shown on gravestone Dalglish, Alexander (I10302)
107 additional child Edna Dalgleish 1910? Dalgleish, Robert John (I2601)
108 additional child: Madge Isabelle Dalgleish 10 Apr 1908 Indian Head - 15 Apr 1936 Vancouver Dalgleish, William Henry (I8723)
109 Additional child? Margaret Mary b. 1869 Kirkpatrick Fleming Dalgliesh, David (I6354)
110 Additional childrten: Lionel and Mildred? - Lesley Prosper Dalgleish, Wilbert James (I3056)
111 Address: 5 Aikenhead Road? Family F2034
112 Administration (with the Will) of the effects of James Dalglish late of Aigburth-road near Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Merchant who died 30 June 1863 at Aigburth-road domiciled in England left unadministered by William Dalglish the Brother and William Charles Thompson two of the Executors was granted at the Principal Registry to James Anthony Dalglish of Liverpool Merchant the Son one of the Residuary Lagatees as to a moiety. Former Grants Liverpool December 1863 and Principal Registry September 1870. Effects under £80,000 in the United Kingdom. Dalglish, James (I524)
113 Administration of the effects of John Henry Dalgliesh late of Great-Union-street in the Borough of Kingston-upon-Hull a Bachelor who died 19 December 1874 at Great-Union-street was granted at York to John Dalgliesh of Great-Union-street Licensed Victualler the Father and Next of Kin. Effects under £100. Dalgliesh, John Henry (I4730)
114 Administration of the Personal Estate of Annie Holmes Dalglish late of Kington in the County of Hereford Spinster who died 28 December 1889 at Kington was granted at Hereford to Jane Harrison of Kington Widow the Sister and one of the Next of Kin. Personal Estate £596 10s 1d. Resworn November 1890 £698 6s 10d. Dalglish, Annie Holmes (I526)
115 Adopted by Adam Dalgleish (uncle) and Robina Craig Dalgleish (nee Cowan) Dalgleish, Adam (I8541)
116 afterwards Goodall Arnot, Jessie (I333)
117 Age at death shown as 68 Dalgleish, Robert (I1083)
118 Age shown as under 1 month Dalgliesh, Janet Johnstone (I8941)
119 Age shown as under 6 months Dalgleish, James (I1331)
120 Age shown changes in later years Dalgliesh, Adam (I6540)
121 Ages of Jessie Kerr and Isabella Lindores transposed in 1891 census? Dalgleish, Jessie Kerr (I1942)
122 Ages of Jessie Kerr and Isabella Lindores transposed in 1891 census? Dalgleish, Isabella Lindores (I1949)
123 Agnes Hazel - Canada Births and Baptisms 1661-1959 Dalgleish, Hazel Agnes (I3279)
124 Air Raid Warden Dalgleish, Adam (I3689)
125 Alexandra M. 'Lexxie' Scott of Levittown died Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, at her home. She was 92.
Born in Seaforth, England, Mrs. Scott was an original Levittown homeowner.
She worked as a purchasing agent with Winan's Reliance for many years. She was a very active member of the National Secretaries Association.
Lexxie loved her family and took great pride in caring for them and always looked forward to spending time with them.
Mrs. Scott was the beloved wife of the late James M. Scott for 67 years.
She was the sister of Alexander Dalglish and his wife, Jeanette, and the late George Dalglish and Emerald Mick. She will be sadly missed by three nieces, four nephews; her cousin, Arlene Martin; and her toy poodles, Brooklyn and Lil Dil.
Dalglish, Alexandra M (I5013)
126 Also listed as 15 July 1843 - baptism 15 August 1843 Dunoon and Kilmun, Argyll Jamieson, Elizabeth (I6318)
127 Also listed as Margaret Cheyne Rattery Rattery, Margaret Jane (I2893)
128 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5006)
129 Also marriage John Dalgleish Mary Millinton 10/11/1845 Hawick ? Dalgleish, John (I6893)
130 Also recorded Westerkirk, same date, 854/00 0020 0072
Family F2336
131 Also registered St Cuthbert Edinburgh 685/02 0420 0438
Family F1985
132 also shown as Hartson W Dalglish Dalglish, William Hartson (I6944)
133 Also shown as Janet or Jean or McLaren McLean, Jane (I1710)
134 also shown as Mary Johnston Laurie on marriage certificate Hamilton, Mary Johnston (I2712)
135 Also shown as Ray John Dalglish Dalglish, John Ray (I6946)
136 Also shown as TOD Todd, Alison (I889)
137 Annie and family are in Ireland 1911 Census Dalgleish, William (I7552)
138 Another marriage record for Sarah Dalgleish and Thomas Stampa St Giles 1919? Dalgleish, Sarah Philp (I2891)
139 Appears as Edith Dalgleish in 1901 census Dalglish, Margaret Edith (I1717)
140 appears as George Robert Dalgleish in 1911 Census Dalgleish, George (I736)
141 Appears as Gweneth Hutcheson in 1911 census Hutcheson, Alexandra Gweneth (I10756)
142 Appears as Maggie Dalgleish in 1881 Scotland census McGuinness, Margaret (I8619)
143 Appears as Nora Hutcheson in 1911 census Hutcheson, Honolulu (I10752)
144 Appears as Ruth Hutcheson in 1911 census Dalglish, Blanche Ethel Ruth (I5949)
145 appears as Thomas Dalgleish in 1881 Scotland census McGuinness, Thomas (I8618)
146 Appears in 1939 Register as Henrietta Clark, Skegness, with Hilda Dalgleish (sister) Dalgliesh, Henrietta Phyllis (I3979)
147 April 22, 1899 at All Saints, Blackheath. James Francis Kendrew of 1 Rangoon street, London, E C, eldest son of John A Kendrew, of Reepham, Norfolk, to Mary, only daughter of William H Dalgliesh, of 11 Vanbrugh park road east, Blackheath Family F2323
148 Architect - died 25 January 1898? Kennedy & Dalglish Dalglish, Robert (I4629)
149 arrival Detroit Michigan 30 Apr 1923 Dalgleish, John (I1241)
150 Arthur was 6th and last child of Thomas and Mary Jane, born at home at 7 Colliers Row, Rhymney, Sub-District of Tredegar, Registration District of Bedwellty, County of Monmouthshire, Wales. His birth was registered on the 14th of Jun 1888.

Orphaned at age of approx. 6 months, Arthur was shuttled from foster home to foster home. At one point, he was "adopted" by a family named Evans, and given the name "Ted". Arthur at times stated he wished he had kept this name. One family he lived with were spiritualists. He remembered furniture moving and rattling around. This family was mean to him. One day the mother became so angry with Arthur, she threw a butcher knife at him, the blade stuck in the back of his head, wounding him slightly. On other occasions, they would buy him a new suit to wear to church on Sunday, then hock it the next day at the local pawn shop.

At a young age, Arthur had to work in the local coal mines. The men nicknamed him "Shorty", for he was only about 5'4", with a stocky, muscular build. Working in the coal mines was always dangerous. One time, Arthur was waiting with the 2nd group of men to descend into the mine, when the elevator cables snapped, plunging its first load of workers to their deaths.

Arthur emigrated to the United States in 1911, arriving in New York, processed through Ellis Island. He arrived in California soon after to work for his older brother Archie in Mentone.
Arthur worked 2 years as bricklayer and carpenter. There are still to this day, rock walls remaining in Mentone, built by the brothers.

In 1913, Arthur decided to further his eduction, and become a US citizen. He enrolled at San Fernando Valley Academy, graduating in 1916, at the age of 28. He met his future bride also enrolled at the Academy. Ida Matilde Antonie Luley attended S.F. Academy for only 1 year (1913-1914), but dropped out to work as a hairdresser in the area. They were "casual" friends during that year. Several years after "Tonie" left the Academy, she became concerned about Arthur's welfare and wrote him, asking if he was well. He wrote back replying that everything was fine, and asked if he could visit her, to which she agreed. They were married 4 June 1917, in San Bernardino, CA., by a Minister of the Gospel, Elder G.B. Starr at the home of Rollie Atkins on Tippecanoe Ave. (This house has since been torn down). It was located near Norton Air Force Base (which has been closed, but is used as a regular airport now in San Bndo.) 5 children were born to this union, all 5 grew to adulthood, married and had families of their own.

Arthur & Tonie lived in Mentone and Redlands for many years, Arthur building their home in Mentone from the plentiful field stones found there. He supported his family by bricklaying and carpentry. In the mid 1950's Arthur & Tonie removed to Reche Canyon until the mid 1960's. Arthur's health was failing, the decision was made to move to San Bernardino. There Arthur died of cancer in 1967. 
Dalgleish, Arthur (I2780)

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