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James M. Scott of Levittown died Friday, Jan. 6, 2012, at his home. He was 97.

Born in Hensley, W.Va., Mr. Scott had been a Lower Bucks resident since 1958.

He was an appliance repairman, and was the owner and operator of Scott Appliances in Levittown.

Jim enjoyed building things and took great pride in his creations for more than 20 years.

Mr. Scott was the beloved husband of Alexandra M. Scott for 67 years.

He is survived by his brother-in-law, Alex Dalglish and his wife, Jeanette; and several nieces, nephews, and extended family members. He was preceded in death by his brother, Lee, and sister, Marion. 
Scott, James M (I7656)
Dalgleish, Elliot Nixon Goodfellow (I2273)
Mr. Dalgleish had been a resident of El Dorado County for the past ten years and was a self employed nursery grower.

He is survived by his wife, three children and two step-children.

Note: Funeral from St. James Catholic Church in Georgetown, where Mr. Dalgleish was a member and burial occurred on 11 Aug 1989
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Dalgleish, Kenneth Wesley (I7078)
4 "died in infancy" see gravestone Hay, James (I7048)
5 "He was the third son of William and Caroline Dauglish ; his father's family came from the Scottish border, while his mother could trace her descent from Sir Richard Baker [q. v.] William Dauglish was possessed of considerable literary and artistic taste and was long in the employ of one of the large East Indian houses ruined by the commercial panic of 1847" Dictionary of National Biography, entry for John Dauglish Dauglish, William (I16894)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I372)
7 (Now engaged in War Service) Dalglish, Barr Hargreaves Bell (I17626)
8 (Now engaged in War Service) Evans, Alan Caradog (I17627)
9 + 5 other children Dalgliesh, William Wallace (I4849)
10 005064-86 - Anthony DALGLEISH, 27, mechanic, Canada, Culross, s/o George & Isabell DALGLEISH married Christina McLEAN, 23, Canada, Culross, d/o Donald & Elizabeth McLEAN. Wit: Andrew McLEAN and Margaret DALGLEISH, both of Culross. May 25, 1886 at Wingham Family F1197
11 1 child Dalglish, Maggie (I4466)
12 1 child and 1 adopted child Dalgleish, Emily Jean (I2784)
13 1 Croft Street, Galashiels. As Alison Scott Logan age 81, Widow of George Brown Logan, carting contractor. Daughter of Walter Dalgliesh, grocer, & Elizabeth Dalgliesh, m.s. Glendinning. Cause of death: gastro enteritis, chronic endocarditis.... Dalgleish, Alison Scott (I6530)
14 103869 Lt. (Pilot) 12 R.A.F. Sqdn. S.A.A.F. Dalglish, William Bell (I16572)
15 1841 census shows DALGLISH Dalgliesh, William (I7907)
16 1841 census shows DALGLISH Currie, Catherine (I7908)
17 1841 census shows DALGLISH Dalgliesh, John (I7909)
18 1841 census shows DALGLISH Dalgliesh, Ann (I7910)
19 1841 census shows DALGLISH Dalgliesh, James (I7911)
20 1841 census shows DALGLISH Dalgliesh, Hugh (I7912)
21 1841 census shows DALGLISH Dalgliesh, Helen (I7913)
22 1871 census shows two entries for Isabella Grace - one age 20 and the other age 14 Dalgleish, Alison (I15663)
23 1901 Canada census shows date of birth as 15 June 1858 Dalgleish, Anthony (I4062)
24 1901 census as DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, John Tweedie (I6024)
25 1901 census John D (or T) Watson adopted son aged 11 Dalgleish, Robert (I5323)
26 1901 census shows date of birth as 28 Jul 1895 Dalgleish, Ellen (I17016)
27 1901 census shows George Murray, adopted son - place of birth St Giles, Edinburgh. Is this the same person? Dalgleish, George Haig (I7801)
28 1901 Scotland Census shows him as "Adopted Son" Dalgleish, James Logan (I9829)
29 1911 census as DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, John Tweedie (I6024)
30 1911 census includes a number of others marked as "Daughters": Eliza Ann Jones (34) - entry crossed through, Marry Alice Jones (30) - entry crossed through, Lydia Jones (20), Eda Jones (18) and Bertha Jones (15) Dalglish, George (I5267)
31 1911 census shows 11 children 6 living Dalgliesh, Francis (I1432)
32 1911 census shows 13 children, 11 living - 5 in household in 1911 census Dalgliesh, James Beattie (I5909)
33 1911 census shows 6 children, 2 living, 4 who have died Galley, William Oliver (I5515)
34 1911 Census shows 7 children 3 living Dalglish, David (I5184)
35 1911 census: 4 children, 3 living Dalgleish, James Tawse (I6166)
36 1911 Census: 5 children, 3 living Dalgleish, David Aitken (I1186)
37 1911 Census: 7 children 6 living Dalglish, Malcolm (I5758)
38 1911 Census: 9 children, 7 living - 5 appear in household on census Dalgleish, John Thomson (I6646)
39 1939 Register - original entry as George I - green ink shows Ivor George Dalgleish, Ivor George (I8132)
40 1939 Register - original entry as Robert J - green ink shows John Robert Dalgleish, John Robert (I8122)
41 1939 Register also shows John Dalgleish b. 26 Jan 1924 at same address Dalgleish, Bernard (I4563)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I17439)
43 1939 Register shows Alejandro Vega-Zabala Zabala, Alejandro Vega (I8129)
44 1939 Register shows Annie L Vega-Zabala Dalgleish, Annie Lorraine (I8124)
45 1939 Register shows DALGLEISH Dalgliesh, Ernest Thomas (I116)
46 1939 Register shows date as 28 January 1900 Dalgleish, James Daniel (I13019)
47 1939 Register shows date of birth a 3 May 1912 Clapham, Ivy Elizabeth (I72)
48 1939 Register shows date of birth as 10 Mar 1900 Faulconer, Georgina Violet (I9299)
49 1939 Register shows date of birth as 11 Dec 1880 Smith, Margaret (I1513)
50 1939 Register shows date of birth as 11 Mar 1879 Dalgleish, Henry (I4516)

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